HMCS PROVIDER AOR 508 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada       Call sign - CZFG     IMO number - unknown     Owner - Canadian Navy, Canada

Location - Photographed while beached at Aliaga, Turkey prior to scrapping     Photograph Date - 28 August 2002
Photographer - Selim San     Added to archive - 18 Sep 2003     Last updated - 30 Oct 2003


  Ordered - 15 Apr 1958
  Construction begun - Sep 1960
  Keel laid - 1 May 1961
  Launched - 5 July 1962
  Delivered - 28 Sep 1963
  Newbuild price - $15,700,000 (CAD)

  (a) Provider AOR 508 - Canada

  She operated for her entire career under the name Provider
  Beached at Aliaga, Turkey on 22 August 2002
  Scrap price - unknown


  Ship type - Fleet replenishment ship
  Gross tonnage - 20,000
  Deadweight tonnage - 14,700
  Displacement tonnage - 7,300 (light)
  Displacement tonnage - 22,000 (laden)
  L.O.A. - 169.31 meters (555'0")
  L.B.P. - 159.55 meters (523'0")
  Width overall - 23.18 meters (76'0")
  Width moulded - 23.18 meters (76'0")
  Draught - unknown
  Depth - 9.76 meters (32'0")
  Number of holds - 6
  Hold capacity - 12,000 tonnes fuel
  Aircraft - 6 Sikorsky helicopters (1960s)
  Compliment - 142 (11 officers, 131 enlisted)


  Builder - Davie Shipbuilding Ltd.
  Country - Lauzon, Quebec, Canada
  Hull number - unknown
  Engine builder - unknown
  Country - unknown
  Number of engines - 2
  Engine types - Double reduction geared turbines
  Fuel - Oil
  Fuel capacity - 1,200 tons
  Horsepower - 21,000 shp
  Speed - 21.0 knots
  Propeller - 1 fixed pitch propeller
  Steering gear - Standard rudders
  Bow thuster - unknown
  Range - 3,600 miles at 20 knots

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This is an excerpt from the 1964-65 "Janes Fighting Ships" book regarding HMCS Provider

The clean, streamlined appearance of the hull follows a design to achieve high speed while fulfilling replenishments with the fleet on operations. The forward bridge structure contains the commanding officers' accomodation as well as a modern eight-berth hospital. In the superstructure also are the wheelhouse, chartroom and three positions from which there is complete control of the ship - the command control position and the two bridge wing positions. The helicopter flight deck is aft with the hangar located on this deck and immediately below the funnel. At least six Sikorsky helicopters of the type at present in service in the Royal Candian Navy can be accommodated in the hangar space.

The flight deck is capable of receiving the largest and heaviest types of helicopters. Immediately below the flight deck are two accommodation decks for the ship's company including the main galley and combined mess-recreation spaces for chief and petty officers and men. An unusual feature of the ship is the number of winches on deck, a total of 23 of the electro-hydraulic type. These are used for ship-to-ship movement of cargo and supplies, as well as shore-to-ship requirements when alongside.

** The ship's motto was "Ready To Serve"
** Provider was decommissioned in 1988


Information sources - Janes Fighting Ships
Additonal information - Bob Canning - Halifax, Canada


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