(Former) USS PAUL FF 1080 (x DE 1080) - Mayport, Florida, United States       Call sign - unknown     IMO number - unknown     Owner - United States Navy

Location - Photographed while beached at Aliaga, Turkey prior to scrapping     Photograph Date - 28 August 2002
Photographer - Selim San     Added to archive - 19 Sep 2003     Last updated - 30 Oct 2003


  Ordered - 25 Apr 1966
  Construction begun - Summer 1969
  Keel laid - 12 Sep 1969
  Launched - 20 June 1970
  Delivered - 14 August 1971
  Newbuild price - Approx US $18 million

  (a) USS Paul (DE 1080) U.S.A. (30 Jun 75)
  (b) USS Paul (FF 1080) U.S.A. (2000)

  She operated for her entire career under the name USS Paul

PARTICULARS (as frigate)

  Ship type - Knox class frigate
  Originally classified Destroyer Escort (DE 1080)
  28th Knox-class vessel of 46 built between 1965-1974
  Standard displacement tonnage - 3,011
  Full load displacement tonnage - 4,260
  L.O.A. - 134.00 meters (439'6")
  L.B.P. - unknown
  Width overall - 14.30 meters (46'8")
  Width moulded - unknown
  Draught - unknown
  Depth - 4.60 meters (15'0")
  Sonar depth - 7.80 meters (24'8")
  Armament - Missiles, torpedoes & guns
  Aircraft - 1, SH-2F LAMPS helicopter
  Compliment - 288 (17 officers, 271 enlisted)


  Builder - Avondale Shipyards
  Country - New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.
  Hull number - unknown
  Engine builder - Westinghouse
  Country - U.S.A.
  Number of engines - 1
  Engine types - Reduction geared turbines
  Fuel - Oil
  Boilers - 2, Combustion Engineering boilers
  Boiler operating pressure - 1,200 psi
  Main engine horsepower - 35,000 shp
  Speed - 28.0 knots
  Propeller - 2 fixed pitch propeller
  Steering gear - Standard rudders
  Bow thuster - none
  Range - 4,000 miles at 22 knots

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - This section is open for all viewers to contribute any information about this ship that is known such as former owners, managers, charterers, accidents, conversions, drydockings, cargoes, voyages, sightings or ports of call etc..

** 14 August 1971 USS Paul was christened at the Boston Naval Shipyard and accepted into the ranks of the U.S. Naval Force Atlantic
** Her first skipper was CDR Donald T. Cannell, USN.
** Newport, Rhode Island was her first homeport and she arrived for duty with the U.S. Atlantic Fleet 22 December 1971
** February 1972 she participated in Atlantic Escort Exercise. Shortly thereafter she returned to the Boston Naval Shipyard for installation of the Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System (LAMPS). This is an anti-submarine warfare (ASW) helicopter which effectively extended the ship's anti-submarine detection abilities.
** She underwent her first complete load-out of all types of ammunition for her weapons systems at Yorktown, Virginia on 20 July 1972
** Transited the Panama Canal for the first time on 21 October 1972 entering the Pacific destined for NGFS VietNam
** Her first Skipper CDR Donald T. Cannell was relieved by CDR Robert F. Brail USN at Midway Island on 8 November 1972
** After several port visits for refueling and resupply, USS Paul departed Subic Bay, Philippine Islands on 21 November 1972 in transit for Naval Gun Fire Support (NGFS) off VietNam
** After 45 days days at sea the Paul arrived Kaohsiung, Taiwan on 3 January 1973 for upkeep alongside the Destroyer Tender Bryce Canyon. She put out to sea again after 12 days and arrived off the coast or VietNam for Naval Gun Fire Support until the Cease Fire on 28 January 1973.
** One of Paul's first gunfire support missions was off Chu Lai Province, where the 19 year old, Lance Corporal Joe C. Paul, for whom the ship had been names, was killed seven years earlier in 1965
** After the Cease Fire, she provided support for various aircraft carriers operating on "Yankee Station" in the Gulf of Tonkin
** After a port visit to Hong Kong 9-16 February 1973, she departed for an upkeep period in Sasebo, Japan 18 February to 5 March 1973
** The next port visit was Yokosuka, Japan 7-10 March 1973
** Then she departed for her homeport of Newport, Rhode Island arriving on 12 April 1973
** On 14 July 1973 the USS Paul was the site for the Change Of Command Ceremony of the Commander, Cruiser-Destroyer Force, Atlantic Fleet, an honor for Ship and Crew
** PAUL's homeport was changed from Newport Rhode Island to Mayport, Florida in late August of 1973 due to the base closure at Newport
** On 25 February 1974, the Paul departed Mayport, Florida for an extended deployment to the Indian Ocean in company with the "Forrest Sherman" class destoyer USS Mullinnix (DD-944)
** Some port visits during the transit to the Indian Ocean were Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. On departure from Port-of-Spain, the American Ambassador went to sea with the Paul and we conducted a rendezvous with the sailing yacht America. Paul's crew transferred the Ambassador to the America with the ship's small boat before continuing on its way.
** The next port visit was Recife, Brazil and enroute to Recife, the Paul and crew encountered the "Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep" at the Equator. There King Neptunus Rex, his staff, Davey Jones, and the King's Royal Scribe boarded the Paul for the "Crossing the Line Ceremony" a time honored Navy tradition. There were 29 of Davey's Trusty Shellbacks aboard to inspect and initiate the remainder of the Paul's 230 crewmenbers. This was the first Equator crossing in the ship's history and a good time was had by all.
** Following the two day stop in Recife, Paul and Mullinnix turned eastward for the trans-Atlantic crossing arriving at Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Africa on 18 March 1974.
** The next port of call was Luanda, Angola. Both ships departed there on 25 March 1974 for the long transit around the Cape Of Good Hope, Africa.
** The Paul and Mullinnix arrived Lourenco Marques, Mozambique on 2 April 1974 to refuel.
** On 7 April 1974 in Mombasa, Kenya, the Paul relieved the USS Brumby DE-1044 and the Mullinnix relieved the USS Koelsch DE-1049 both of which were "Garcia" class escorts. The Paul and Mullinnix remained under the operational control of the commander of the Middle East Force from 7 April 1974 until 28 July 1974.
** Leaving Mombasa on 12 April 1974, the two ship task group Paul and Mullinnix began extended operations with the Middle East Force cruising the east coast of Africa, the Gulf Of Aden, the Red Sea, the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. While on a port visit to Jidda, Saudi Arabia the new prospective Commanding Officer of the Paul - LCDR Thomas M. Hale USN boarded on 24 April 1974.
** LCDR Hale relieved CDR R. F. Baril, USN as Commanding Officer on 30 April 1974 in Port Massawa, Ethiopia. Some of LCDR Hale's first words as Skipper to his crew were, "I am very proud to take command of the PAUL; she is a fine ship, and has established an enviable reputation in the fleet. This is due primarily to her crew, whose diligent and devoted work has made PAUL one of the best-known and most respected ships of the Cruiser-Destroyer Force."
** 4 June 1974 port visit at Mina Sulman, Bahrain
** 7 June 1974 port visit at Karachi, Pakistan. Paul and Mullinnix departed there early on 10 June 1974 to provide communications support in the Red Sea for President Nixon's visit to the Middle East area. A port visit to Hodeida, Yemen was cancelled as a result.
** 9 July 1974 port visit to the French Territory of Afars and Issas, Djibouti was made.
** 15 July 1974 port visit at Victoria Mahe Island, Seychelles
** The Paul was relieved 28 July 1974 by the USS Aylwin DE-1081 ("Knox" class escort [later frigate]) and the Mullinnix was relieved by the USS Hawkins DD-876 ("Gearing" class destoyer) in Port Louis, Mauritius Islands
** After departing operational control of ComMidEastFor, the Paul arrived back at homeport Mayport, Florida on 30 August 1974. ** The Paul had her Third Birthday Party/Ships Picnic at sea 14 August 1974 in transit to Mayport
** 30 June 1975 USS Paul and her sisterships were re-designated from Destroyer Escorts to Frigates and re-enrolled as such
** Paul was decommissioned on 14 August 1992 and placed in reserve - location unknown
** 9 January 2000 she was sold to the Turkish Navy for spare parts. Turkey had purchased a number of other Knox class frigates
** the stripped out hull was eventually sold for scrap and she was beached at Aliaga, Turkey on 20 August 2002
** Scrap price - unknown

Information sources - Janes Fighting Ships, USS Paul namesake, USS Paul homepage
Thanks in particular to to Richard W. McDaniel, RMC USN Ret. formerly a crew member aboard USS Paul DE-1080 from December 1972 to December 1974


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