Esther Moran & M. Moran - Canada

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The former Moran Towing & Transportation Company Ltd. tugs Esther Moran and M. Moran are seen in this photograph as they were entering the St. Lawrence Seaway on May 13th, 2001. They had been purchased by McKeil Marine Ltd. in Hamilton, Ontario and they were enroute for new duties..

At the time of their sale by Moran to McKeil, Esther Moran and M. Moran were the oldest tugs in Moran fleet having been built in 1963 and 1961 respectively. By the end of 2001 both tugs were extensively refurbished and in operation as Salvor and Salvager. Photograph by Marc Piche.

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Posted: January 31, 2002       Last Revised: January 31, 2002
Photograph by : Marc Piche - Copyright © - 2001, 2002

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