Doug McKeil & Radium Yellowknife - Canada

The tug Doug McKeil is seen in this photograph as she was towing 9 barges and the tug Radium Yellowknife upbound in the Welland Canal during the morning hours of September 11th, 2000. The first barge, Radium 604 was carrying Radium 625 and Radium 603, the second barge, Radium 623 was carrying Radium 610 and Radium 631 while the third barge Radium 611 was carrying Radium 617 and Radium 607. The tug Radium Yellowknife was at the stern of the tow acting as the brakes.

The 10 Radium units were enroute from Hay River, Northwest Territories, Canada to Thunder Bay on Lake Superior where they will be used to transport finished wood products. The Doug McKeil has been assisting the tow since they left Montreal however the Purvis tug W.N. Twolan took over at Port Colborne and escorted the Radium vessels all the way to Thunder Bay.

The tug Radium Yellowknife was built in 1948 and is 120 feet long. She was re-engined in 1963 and is currently rated at 1,530 horsepower.

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