Windoc - Thunder Bay, Canada

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The bulk carrier Windoc is seen in this photograph aground on the shores of the Welland Canal north of bridge 11 in Alanburg the afternoon after the bridge struck the ship. This photograph from the ship's port side shows the extent to which her wheelhouse had been burned. Fire crews can be seen being shuttled ashore while others on deck prepare to enter the superstructure to fight the blaze. At the ship's stern one of the fire truck's water hose extensions can be seen. It was supplying firefighters on board with water pressure.

It was this same boom that was able to bring much of the fire under control through the night since it was able to reach the ship's port side from the bank. The remotely operated spray nozzle was directed right at flames and was able to punch out windows to deliver water inside the structure..

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Posted: August 22, 2001       Last Revised: August 22, 2001
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