Shiercliffe Hall - Montreal, Canada

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The 1950-built, 2,220-grt, 1,334-nrt general cargo ship Shiercliffe Hall is seen in this photograph while she transiting upbound in the Welland Canal in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada sometime during the 1960s.

She was built in Montreal, Quebec, Canada by the Canadian Vickers Ltd. drydock for the Hall Corporation of Canada. She entered service in 1950 as Shiercliffe Hall. She was one of many ships that were built for Great Lakes service to dimensions that were dictated by the small locks of the original St. Lawrence Seaway. She measured 259' x 43'9" x 23'6" and she was powered by a 2 cylinder Uniflow steam engine that could produce up to 750 IHP. When the locks of the present Seaway were opened in 1959 allowing much larger ships to enter the Great Lakes Shiercliffe Hall and all the other ships like her quickly became obsolete.

Shiercliffe Hall continued sailing until 1968 then laid up for the last time in Toronto. Then in 1973 like many of her predacessors she was sold for scrapping along with her fleetmates Sternecliffe Hall and Inland Transport. On June 21, 1973 the tug Lac Como departed Toronto with the Shiercliffe Hall in tow and the tug Argue Martin towed the Sternecliffe Hall out. The two ships arrived in Hamilton several hours later and were moored alongside the Strathearne Street slip where they were later reduced to scrap by United Metals.

Information courtesy Marine News - The World Ship Society
The Scanner - Toronto Marine Historical Society and the American Bereau of Shipping

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