J.W. McGiffin photo library

The major mid-life refit of a Great Lakes self unloader

September 2nd, 1991 J.W. McGiffin downbound in the Welland Canal at bridge 4
April 10th, 1988 J.W. McGiffin downbound in the Welland Canal below lock 2
January 16, 1999 The McGiffin being towed out of the deep drydock
January 16, 1999 Another view of the McGiffin being towed away from the drydocks
March 13, 1999 The McGiffin secured above lock 1 in the Canal
March 20, 1999 J.W. McGiffin in the shallow drydock
March 28, 1999 J.W. McGiffin's former hull secured above lock 1
April 2, 1999 J.W. McGiffin's former at the scrapyard in Port Colborne
March 4, 2000 Being scrapped in Port Colborne
March 4, 2000 Being scrapped in Port Colborne
March 28, 1999 J.W. McGiffin's stern section in the shallow drydock
October 17, 1998 J.W. McGiffin's new hull under construction
March 20, 1999 J.W. McGiffin's new hull secured at the fitout berth
March 28, 1999 Hull #77 being moved into the shallow drydock
March 29, 1999 Hull # 77 and J.W. McGiffin's stern together in the
shallow drydock showing the space between the two sections
prior to the joining components being positioned.
April 26, 1999 The two hull sections joined together
June 10, 1999 Welding on the joining section is complete and
painting of the joint is underway
June 11, 1999 Joint painting complete. The undoader boom cable is
being re-installed and the name CSL Niagara is stencilled
on the stern
June 12, 1999 The day J.W. McGiffin became CSL Niagara
May 27, 1999 The new forecastle deck being lifted aboard
June 13, 1999 CSL Niagara at the fitout berth prior to
her official re-christening
August 9, 1999 CSL Niagara back in service upbound off Port Weller piers

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