CCG MIKULA - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada       Call sign - CGBG     IMO number - 5208140
Owner - Government of Canada (Transport Canada) - Canadian Coast Guard

Location - Photographed while ashore undergoing hull repainting somewhere on the province of Prince Edward Island in Eastern Canada
Photograph Date - June 1991     Photographer - Rene Beauchamp     Added to archive - 20 Sep 2003     Last updated - 25 Sep 2003


  Ordered - unknown
  Construction begun - unknown
  Keel laid - early 1959
  Launched - unknown
  Delivered - November 1959
  Newbuild price - unknown

  (a) Lightship No. 3 (Cataraqui) - Canada (??)
  (b) Lightship No. 4 (Lurcher) - Canada (77)
  (c) Mikula - Canada (94)
  (d) 950 - Canada (95)
  (e) Kormoran - Belize

  Sometime after 1995 she was apparently converted to a yacht by Gary Grimme of Pompano Beach, Florida. Her present status is unknown


  Ship type - Coast Guard training ship
  Gross tonnage - 526
  Net tonnage - 135
  Displacement tonnage - 161
  L.O.A. - 39.81 meters (130'6")
  L.B.P. - 34.17 meters (112'0")
  Width overall - 9.35 meters (30'7")
  Width moulded - 9.30 meters (30'6")
  Draught - 3.353 meters (11'0")
  Depth - 6.53 meters (21'4")
  Number of cargo holds - 1 (bouys only)
  Number of hatch covers - 1
  Unloading cranes - 1 of 1.0 tonnes capacity


  Builder - Kingston Shipyards
  Country - Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  Hull number - 74
  Engine builder - Canadian Locomotive Co. Ltd.
  Country - Kingston, Ontario
  Number of engines - 1
  Engine type - Fairbanks, Morse 4-cyl diesel
  Fuel - Diesel oil
  Fuel capacity - unknown
  Main engine horsepower - 500 bhp or 368 kW
  Speed - 12.0 knots
  Propeller - 1 fixed pitch propeller
  Steering gear - Standard rudder
  Bow thuster - none

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - This section is open for all viewers to contribute any information about this ship that is known such as former owners, managers, charterers, accidents, conversions, drydockings, cargoes, voyages, sightings or ports of call etc..

** She was built in 1959 and launched bearing the name Lightship No. 3 (CATARAQUI) - This was her first station somewhere on Canada's east coast - DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE THIS IS??
** Early in her career she was renamed Lightship No. 4 (LURCHER) - Lurcher was her second station off the southwest coast of Nova Scotia. She was an important navigational aid for vessels entering the Bay of Fundy
** In the late 1960s she and other lightships became obsolete. Lightship No. 4 was laid up at Pointe Edouard (Sydney, Nova Scotia)
** In 1971 she became a training vessel for the Canadian Coast Guard College in Sydney, Nova Scotia
** In 1973 the Canadian Coast Guard renamed Lightship No. 4, Mikula. That name was chosen to recognize an earlier, 1916-built ship that bore the same name.
** In 1994 she was declared surplus and renamed 950 by Crown Assets Disposals and offered up for sale
** Later in 1994 she was sold unknown interests based in Newfoundland, Canada however no activity was noted aboard the ship
** In September of 1995 she was purchased by Gary Grimms from Pompano Beach, Florida who intended to convert the ship to a private yacht
** On 26 September 1995 she departed Lewisporte, Newfoundland under the name Kormoran and the flag of Belize
** On 10 October Kormoran arrived at Port Everglades, Florida
** Gary Grimme was intending to convert the aging hull into a private yacht however no further details about the ship or whether the conversion actually ever took place can be found


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