Kenoki - Canada

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The Canadian Coast Guard bouy tender Kenoki is seen in this photograph as she was transiting downbound in the Welland Cana during the morning hours of July 5th, 1987. At the time it was taken she was sailing northbound in the canal in the Welland Bypass section at around mile 15.

She was built in 1964 at Erieau, Ontario as a bouy tender which incorporated 4 large spuds (or legs) at each 'corner' of the vessel. She also had two 5-tonne cranes mounted one on each side of the deck for bouy lifting and her bow was a large door that could be lowered to allow vehicles to roll on and roll off the ship. The spuds were used to lift the ship and stabilize it whenever it was working on bouys in shallow or fast moving currents. It was found though that when all four spuds were raised the ship was quite unstable and in 1973 they were removed. Her ro/ro bow ramp was removed and the bow which pictured here was fitted. Her two 5 tonne cranes were also removed and a new 10-tonne derrick crane was installed.

It is this configuration that is pictured below. In 1992 she was decommissioned and placed in reserve as number 902 and in 1999 she was sold out of the fleet.

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