Western Trader - St. John's, Antigua

The 1991-built, 4,744-dwt, 4,164-grt general cargo and container vessel Western Trader is seen in these photographs while she was lying aground off Rozenburg, Holland on November 27th, 2002. During the evening of the 26th she was in a collision with the tanker Hellenic Star.

She was built in 1991 in Wewelsfleth, Germany by Schiffs. Hugo Peterswerft Wewelsfleth Peters & Company GmbH as hull number 640. She was completed late that year as Western Trader for Hermann Buss KG m.s. "Western Trader" GMBH & Co., Germany, however before she entered service her name was changed to Gracechurch Meteor. In 1997 her name was changed back to Western Trader and when these pictures were added to the archives in 12/2002 she was still operational as such for Hermann Buss GmbH & Co.

Press release from KOTUG & Smit Salvage by Jolanda Wesseling - with a Smit subsidiary (Courtesy Bob Rust, Norway)
ROTTERDAM, 27 November 2002 - Collision between three vessels in the port of Rotterdam

On Tuesday evening November 26, 2002 the tanker Hellenic Star (length 166 meters) collided with the container feeder ship Western Trader (length 111 meters). A third container vessel, the West Express (length 93 meters) was also grazed. The Hellenic Star, carrying some 28,000 tons of gas oil, was damaged at the bow section, above the waterline. She was later safely moored by two KOTUG tugs, the VS Rotterdam and the SD Jacoba at the Scheurkade, Steinweg quay 3, in the Botlek area Rotterdam, Holland. No spillage was reported.

The collision caused a hole of approximately 4 by 9 meters to the portside of the Western Trader. The severely listed vessel was taking water and had to be secured against the riverbank off the AVR in Rozenburg, by KOTUG tugs Stella, Hamburg and Joco 4. In consultation with the pilot on board the Western Trader, the KOTUG tugs VS Rotterdam, VS Hamburg, ZP Montelena, SD Jacoba, Stella and the tug Varnebank from SMIT, kept the vessel in position and prevented it from further heeling over. The vessels Jacomina, Bever, Maas, Smit Finland and a pontoon from SMIT were also on the scene.

The floating crane Marcor 4 was called to discharge the containers on board the Western Trader. Later in the afternoon of the 27th, a large sheerleg or floating crane was put into service to keep the container feeder ship in stabilized position, whilst the hole in the side of the ship was patched. No personal injuries occurred. KOTUG and SMIT carryied out the salvage and the collision was subsequently taken under investigation by the authorities.

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