Traveller - Willemstad, Holland

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The 1999/2000-built, 8,729-dwt, 6,714-grt, heavy load carrier Traveller is seen in this photograph while she was transiting downbound in the Welland Canal during the afternoon hours of November 25, 2002. At the time this picture was taken she was sailing northbound in the canal just south of old bridge 12 which is located in Port Robinson, Ontario, Canada. She was destined for Hamilton on Lake Ontario where she later loaded heavy machinery.

Traveller was built in Shanghai, China as hull number 408 at the Zhonghua Shipyard for Mammoet Shipping BV, Netherlands. She is a Confidence class container/heavy lift ship of which at least 17 were built. Clipper Cowbridge is one of the earlier sisterships. Traveller was launched in China on August 31st, 1999 and she was completed during January of 2000. It is likely that her cranes were fitted in Holland. Early in 2001 Mammoet became BigLift Shipping BV although the names of theier vessels were not changed. When this picture was added to the archives in 1/2003 she was still operational as Traveller. Photograph by Jeff Cameron.

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