Tor Flandria - Goteborg, Sweden

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The roll on / roll off vessel Tor Flandria is seen in this photograph while she was underway in Holland on July 30th, 1999. Photograph by Willem VanMaanen

Construction of this ship was ordered in February of 1980 and in December of 1981 she entered service under the Swiss flag as Finnclipper. In the time since then she has sailed under the following names and flags. (a) Finnclipper (1983) - Sweden, (b) Zenit Clipper (5/86), (c) American Falcon (8/98) - U.S.A., (d) Stena Partner (10/98) - Bahamas, (e) Tor Flandria (1/99) - Bahamas and when this photograph was added to the archives she was still operational as Tor Flandria however her flag has changed to Sweden.

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Posted: May 26, 2001       Last Revised: May 26, 2001
Photo by: Willem VanMaanen - Copyright © - 1999, 2001

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