Star Stronen - Norway

The bulk carrier Star Stronen is seen in this photograph as she was secured alongside a dock in Tilbury, England on January 2nd, 1996 unloading. Photograph by Ian Wells - courtesy Willem VanMaanen's collection.

She entered service in 1977 as Anderso but she was renamed Chase Three soon after. Early in 1979 she reverted to the name Anderso and sailed as such until 1986. At that timke she became Star Forest for a few months before the name Forest Island was applied. Under this name she made several visits to the Great Lakes. In 1988 she was sold and renamed Star Castor and two years later she became Star Castor, a name that she would carry for the reminder of her career. In July of 2001 she reached the end of her travels when she arrived in Xinhui, China to be dismantled.

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Posted: February 2, 2002       Last Revised: February 2, 2002
Photograph by : Ian Wells - courtesy Willem VanMaanen - Copyright © - 1996, 2002

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