Sjard - Leer, Germany

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The multi purpose bulk carrier and container vessel Sjard is seen in this photograph while she was secured alongside wharf 1 in the outer harbour at Port Weller, Ontario, Canada during the evening hours of October 3rd, 2000. She was about to load a large generator.

Construction of this ship was ordered on November 1, 1988 by Kg Paul Heinrich GmbH of Hamburg, Germany. On July 6th, 1989, the keel for hull number 1032 was laid at the J.J. Sietas G.m.b.H. & Co. Shipyard in Hamburg, West Germany and only a few months later on September 1st the nearly completed hull was launched bearing the name Antje. Less than 6 months after her construction was started the new ship entered service on November 1, 1989 for Kg Paul Heinrich GmbH under the company name Partenreederei m.s. "Antje". She was managed by SAL-Schiffahrtskontor Altes Land GmbH & Company also of Germany at the time and flew the flag of Antigua & Barbuda. At some point during the 1990s management reverted back to Kg Paul, Hans & Klaus Heinrich GmbH & Co. of Germany.

In 1997 she transferred to the management of Sea Breeze Maritime Co. Ltd. of Antigua who changed her name to Sea Breeze. Ownership of the vessel was not shown to have changed through this transaction. On December 1st of 1998 though a sale did transpire where ownership passed to Briese Schiffahrts GmbH of Germany who applied the name Sjard. Her port of restry was changed to Leer, Germany and her flag remained that of Antigua.

This multi-purpose vessel was designed to handle a wide variety of cargoes and is strengthened to handle heavy specialized payloads. Her 1 cargo hold can be sub-divided into several holds for carrying different cargoes on the same voyage and she is fitted with 2, 150 ton cranes for cargo handling. If required she can load 461, 20' containers (222 in her cargo hold and 241 stacked on top of her hatch covers.

Sjard is 107.43 meters long, 19 meters wide 10.6 meters deep and has a draft of 8.3 meters. Her deadweight tonnage is registered at 8,224, Gross tonnage at 5,753 and Net at 3,151. Her single MAN B&W, 7-cylinder diesel engine burns heavy fuel while underway and produces 6,340 horsepower which pushes the ship along at over 15 knots. She has a variable pitch propeller and a bow thruster for maneuvering.

Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 19:19:28 Axel Riedel On 27.01.02 MV"Sjard" sent a distress signal underway from Kaliningrad to St.Johns, Kanada. She loadedin Finland and Kaliningrad a cargo of aprox 8600 mt steel and construction parts for Kanada, US-Ecoast and Gulf-destinations. Crew left vessel in severe storm, mater and crew (14 mainly east european origin) were rescued on 28.01.02 13:25 by spanish trawler " Beramar Tres". No injuries. Axel Riedel Information courtesy of The Fairplay Internet Register, Lloyd's Registers and Marine News

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