Platana - Kingstown, St. Vincent

The 1965-built, 3,610-grt, coastal class general cargo ship Platana is seen in this photograph shortly after she arrived at Aliaga, Turkey and ran herself aground on the scrapping beach. She arrived there on July 23rd, 1997 and work began on dismantling the hull began on August 1st. Photograph by Selim San.

She was built in Lauzon, Quebec, Canada for N.M. Paterson & Sons Ltd., Thunder Bay, Canada and she entered service during April of 1966 as Prindoc. She sailed on the Great Lakes and the east coast of North America for Paterson until early in 1982 when she was sold to the Sea Trading Company and renamed Hankey. Then in 1990 she was sold to the Madonna Shipping Corporation, St. Vincent and renamed Claret III. In 1992 she was renamed S.Saranta by Globus Shipping Co. S.A. and and in 1997 they changed her name to Platana. Under that name she went to scrap.

Information courtesy Lloyds Registers & Fairplay Internet Ship Register
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Posted: December 19, 2002       Last Revised: December 19, 2002
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