PACLOG SEALINK - Panama       Call sign - H3IQ    IMO number - 5334080    Owner - Pacific Logistics S.A., Panama

Location - Photographed while she was lying at anchor off Singapore     Photograph Date - 29 February 1976
Photographer - Unknown - (Willem VanMaanen's collection)     Added to archive - 4 Feb 2003     Last updated - 22 Feb 2003


  Keel laid - 1952
  Launched - 1952
  Delivered - March 1953

  (a) Songkhla - Denmark (1974)
  (b) Paclog Sealink - Panama

  Her sailing career since 1983 is unknown


  Ship type - General Cargo ship
  Gross tonnage - 8,379
  Net tonnage - 5,068
  Deadweight tonnage - 9,083
  Length overall - 148.90 m
  Length between perpendiculars - 138.99 m
  Width overall - 19.08 m
  Width moulded - 19.05 m
  Draught - 7.66 m
  Depth - 11.69 m


  Yard name - A/S Burmeister & Wain's Skybsbyggeri
  Country - Copenhagen, Denmark
  Hull number - 687
  Engine builder - A/S Burmeister & Wain's Maskin-og Skybsbyggeri - Kobenvavn, Denmark
  Number of engines - 1
  Engine types - B&W 7-cylinder diesel
  Horsepower - 8,750 bhp
  Speed - 16.0 knots
  Bow/stern thuster hp - none

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - Former owners, managers, accidents, conversions, cargoes, voyages, sightings or corrections etc - Viewer contributions welcomed

This vessel was ordered as part of a eight ship order issued by the Danish East Asiatic Company (A/S Det Østasiatiske Kompagni) of Copenhagen in 1950. The series was to be built by A/S Burmeister & Wain’s Skybsbyggeri of Copenhagen and A/S Nakskov Skipbværft of Nakskov (each four vessels).

The series included the following vessels: SAMOA (8,628 GT-June 1953, B&W), SIBONGA (8,695 GT-July 1953, Nakskov), SONGKHLA, SUMBAWA (8,830 GT-March 1954, Nakskov), SIENA (8,854 GT-December 1954, Nakskov), SIMBA (8,562 GT-August 1955, B&W), SARGODHA (8,585 GT-January 1956, B&W) and SINALOA (8,812 GT-June 1956, Nakskov). This series was one of the largest single orders in the Danish maritime history, only to be superseeded by the containerships of the REGINA/SOVEREIGN MÆRSK-class of ships in 1994.

SONGKHLA (LR-number 5334080) was the third vessel to be comissioned and the second to be built by B&W (yardnumber 687). She was delivered in March 1953 and flew the Danish flag. Her charcteristics were: 8,627 GT, 5,068 NT with 10,340 DWT. Her dimensions were recorded as LOA: 148,74 m., LBP: 138,99 m. beam: 18,90 m., draught: 8,331 m. and depth: 11,69 m. Her cargo capacity consisted of 16,542 m3 (bale capacity), 14,921 m3 (grain capacity) with 233 m3 of space for refrigerated cagoes. In her engine room a B&W-dieselengine was mounted, providing an output of 8,750 bhp. and a service speed of 16 knots.

SONGKHLA sailed on EAC-services from Europe to Asia and Australia. She was sold in October 1974 and changed her ownership in an unnamed New Zealand port. She was renamed PACLOG SEALINK (Panamanian flag) and sailed for Pacific Logistics S.A., Panama. The management was in the hands of Pacific Logistics Pte. Ltd. of Singapore. Her dimensions were re-recorded as being 6,235 GT, 3,604 NT with 9,083 DWT. She was to lead a mysterious and hazy existence for this owner.

On her inaugural journey for this owner she sailed Lyttelton on October 10th, 1974 for Iloilo (Philippines) and later arrived at Singapore Roads, where she was to remain for almost a year. It is believed that she was equipped with the helicopter platform during this period in preparation for her role as a supply and hotel ship for offshore oil rig operations. On January 9th 1976 she saw some action again, when she sailed for Manila. Upon arrival she was deleted from the Lloyd’s Shipping Index, although she remained registered with Lloyd’s Register. It is unclear which voyages she absolved during this "hiding period’. During September 1977 was was reported to have arrived at Calcutta, to sail for Manila soon afterwards. On December 3rd she was laid up in the Singapore Roads.

In May 1978 she sailed for Yokohama and Sakata, but she remained at Yokohama until November 22nd. Not a very solid planning to gain revenues!! On December 4th she was back at Singapore. Strangely, in 1979 she absolved many voyages: Philippines, India and Indonesia, Singapore, Basrah, Colombo, Singapore and the Philippines. In 1981 she disappeared from the Shipping Index records forever.

In 1982 she was sold to owner Transpac Marine S.A., again with an ‘office’ in Panama. She received the little exotic name of OFFSHORE PROVIDER. Her new managers were China-Pacific Intermodel Ltd. of Hong Kong (please note the alternative spelling of the world ‘Intermodal’). Her tonnages were remeasured as being 8,379 GT, 5,068 NT with 9,083 DWT. She was registered in the Lloyd’s Shipping Index as OFFSHORE PROVIDER until November 1982 after which date she disappeared. She never was recorded in the Lloyd’s register of Shipping. It is therefor unclear if she was been scrapped (or when) or that she became a casualty.

This extensively researched account of Paclog Sealink's career was submitted by Herbert Carmigchelt, Holland
Other Information sources - Fairplay Internet Ship Register, Lloyds Registers, Marine News - The World Ship Society & Yves-Guy Bertrand - Quebec, Canada

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