Nedlloyd Nagasaki - Holland

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The general cargo / container ship Nedlloyd Nagasaki is seen in this photograph as she was underway in Holland during August of 1990.

She was built in Holland, launched in May of 1971 and entered service in January of 1972 as Straat Nagasaki. In 1978 she was renamed Nedlloyd Nagasaki. In 1991 she became Equator Ruby and in 1996 she was renamed Aqua Ruby. On May 4th, 1996 she arrived in Alang, India and on May 17th, crews began cutting her up for scrap. Photograph by Willem VanMaanen

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Posted: January 25, 2002       Last Revised: January 25, 2002
Photo by: Willem VanMaanen - Copyright © - 1990, 2002

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