Velma Lykes - U.S.A.

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The general cargo /container ship Velma Lykes is seen in this photograph while inbound at Durban, South Africa during June of 1985. Photograph courtesy Kevin Moore - Willem VanMaanen's collection

This ship was built in the United States and entered service during July of 1967 as (a) Velma Lykes. She sailed for 18 years under this name before being withdrawn from merchant service. During January of 1985 she became part of the United States Maritime Administration's reserve fleet. She was renamed (b) Cape Bon and laid up ready to be re-activated in short notice in case the United Sates Sealift Command needed to transport heavy military equipment to potential war zones around the world.

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Posted: February 24, 2001       Last Revised: February 24, 2001
Photo cortesy : Kevin Moore & Willem VanMaanen - Copyright © - 1985, 2001

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