Shirley Lykes - United States

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The general cargo ship Shirley Lykes is seen in this photograph while transiting upbound in the Welland Canal during the morning hours of July 7th, 1979. At the time it was taken she was sailing southbound in the canal at Port Robinson heading for Lake Erie. Photograph by Dave Kohl.

This ship was built in the United States and entered service during March of 1963 as Shirley Lykes. She sailed her entire career under this name. In 1988 she was withdrawn from merchant service and transferred to the United States Maritime Administration's reserve fleet. If required the U.S. Armed Forces can call upon this ship and many others to transport heavy equipment from the U.S. to potential war zones around the world.

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Posted: March 10, 2001       Last Revised: March 10, 2001
Photo by : Dave Kohl (Willem VanMaanen's collection) - Copyright © - 1979, 2001

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