Lindo - Panama

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The general cargo / bulk carrier Lindo is seen in this photograph while transiting downbound
in the Welland Canal during the late morning hours of April 21st, 1979. She had just departed from lock 1
in St. Catharines Ontario, Canada, and was heading for Lake Ontario

Historical: 1972 LINDO 1975 Lengthened. 1981 ATLANTIC PROWESS. 1981 KOWLOON EXPRESS. Kowloon Express Shipping Inc. Panamá. 1982 KOBE EXPRESS. Same owner & flag. 1985 JANNU. Same owner & flag. 1986 KUO WEI. Cheng Lie Navigation Co Ltd. Taiwan. 1992 MEDLINK. Marinav Ltd. Malta. (Dealmar Shipping Management SA). 26.09.97: Arrived Aliaga, Turkey, to be scrapped by Sok Ltd. Main particulars after lengthening: LxBxDxD = 133,43x17,21x10,2x7,14 mts. NRTxGRTxDWT = 3422x6497x7832 tons Engine: Werkspoor 8TM410. 4600 bhp. 16 knots. Controllable pitch propeller & bow thruster. 5 cellular holds. 346 TEUS. Ice strengthened. Sister ship TENDO, Lloyd’s no. 7305796. The vessel described in the text is in my opinion the general cargo vessel LINDO built in 1973 at Haugesund, Norway, by Brodrene Lothe AS as yard no.032. Lloyd’s no. 7225829 Historical: 1973 LINDO 197? To Paal Wilson & Co AS. Norway. 1980 PRVIC. Slobodna Plovidba. Yugoslavia. 198? To SP Shipping Malta Ltd. Valletta. (Slobodna Plovidba). I have no details about her grounding. Main particulars: 112,83x16,46x8,41x6,89 mts 2604x4165x6450 tons Engine: Werkspoor 6TM410. 3500 bhp. 13,5 knots. 2 holds. 3 hatches. 9147 cu.m. grain. 8674 cu.m. bale. Cargo gear: five derricks of 7.5 SWL. With my best wishes. She was built in 1973 in Norway and entered service under this name. In 1980 she was sold and renamed Prvic. On January
7, 1997 she suffered a crankcase explosion near Oran, Algeria and anchored for repairs. 2 days later her anchors dragged in a storm
and she grounded east of her original location on the shores of Algeria. Later her crew was evacuated. Smit Tak International was
contracted to salvage the ship but efforts were in vain and by May she had been declared a constructive total loss.

Through May and early June her superstructure was scrapped as she laid on the beach however her stern eventually settled to
the bottom. The partially dismantled ship was eventually refloated on June 22, 1997, towed about five miles off the Algerian
coast and scuttled in the Mediterranean Sea. Photograph by Dave Kohl

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