Khian Engineer - Piraeus, Greece

The bulk carrier Khian Engineer is seen in this photograph as she was transiting downbound in the Welland Canal during the morning hours of July 18th, 1971. At the time it was taken she was sailing norhtbound in the Canal as she was about to enter Lake Ontario. Photograph by Gordon Turner

Construction of this ship was ordered in March of 1967 at the Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Industries Drydock in Japan. During September of that year the nearly completed hull was launched and in March of 1968 the ship entered service under the Greek flag as Khian Engineer. She sailed under this name for most of her career and it wasn't until 1985 that her only name change took place. Intertrans Shipping of Greece purchased the ship and renamed it (b) Oceanis and raised the flag of Cyprus on her stern. Her years were numbered though and after less than two years trading the Cypriot based company Ocean Strolls sold her to Richian Steel Industries Corporation in Taiwan and on November 2nd of 1987 she arrived at Kaohsuing for dismantling.

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Posted: June 4, 2001       Last Revised: June 4, 2001
Photo by : Gordon Turner - Copyright © - 1971, 2001

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