Kamikawa Maru - Panama

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The 1986-built iron ore strengthened bulk carrier Kamikawa Maru is seen in this photograph while she was underway in Holland on August 11th, 2001. It was the last time she ever saw Holland. Photo by Willem VanMaanen.

She sailed from Holland about a week later for the Sepetiba Terminal in Brazil where she loaded a cargo of 150,000 tonnes of iron ore pellets.. Around the 9th or 10th of September she departed Brazil and headed southeast across the South Atlantic for South Africa enroute to Tokyo, Japan. On September 12th after her crew realized the ship was taking water in one of her holds, they abandoned the vessel. The following day she sank in a position 32.31 S, 26.19W in the area of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

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Posted: February 8, 2002       Last Revised: February 8, 2002
Photo by : Willem VanMaanen's collection. - Copyright © - 2001, 2002

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