Kadina - Panama

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The general cargo vessel Kadina is seen in this photograph as she was lying at anchor at Singapore on March 2nd, 1976. The ship was built in 1946 and sailed under the name Sinkiang until 1966. She was then sold and renamed Tong Jit. This name however did not last even a year and by the end of 1966 she was again renamed Gamsolo. In 1969 she was sold to Kadina Enterprises Co. Ltd of Panama and renamed Kadina.

On May 18th, 1977 after lying in the Eastern Anchorage at Singapore for some time undergoing repairs she succumed to stormy weather and foundered.. Photos of the wreck which appear in the pages of the World Ship Society's newsletter Marine News from the time show that Kadina was completely destroyed by the weather.. She was subsequently left in a partially submerged condition. On September 2, 1978 the badly beaten vessel was refloated and towed to the National Shipbreakers Pte Ltd. scrapyard possibly in Singapore and work on breaking up the old hull began on October 6th, 1978. Photographer unknown - courtesy of Willem VanMaanen's collection

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