CEC Future - Copenhagen, Denmark

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The general cargo ship Cec Future is seen in this photograph just before she departed pier 14 west in Hamilton harbour, Hamilton, Ontario. She had arrived in Hamilton on May 6th to unload bagged sugar from Santos, Brazil and in this photograph dated May 12th she was about to depart loaded with stainless steel coils for England.

Construction of this ship was ordered in May of 1993 at the Aarhus Dockyard in Denmark. During September of 1994 the nearly completed ship was launched and in December of that year she entered service under the Danish flag as Arktis Future. Since then she has sailed under the following names (a) Arktis Future (1/95), (b) Melbridge Flash (3/96), (c) Arktis Future (7/99), (d) CEC Future (2/20/00), (e) Signet Spirit (5/2000) and when this photograph was added to the archives she was still active as (f) CEC Future for Clipper Elite Carriers (CEC) of Denmark.

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