Arko - Saint Vincent,

The Arko is seen in this early morning photograph passing upbound
in the Welland Canal on July 3rd, 1988. She had just departed from lock three and was
heading southwards towards bridge 5 and the flight locks in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

The history of ARKO

The ACHILLES was once a familiar sight on the Great Lakes. This 1972-built bulker called several times each year at ports on the inland seas under this name. In 1987 she was sold and renamed ARKO and continued to make appearances through the Welland Canal and into the interior lakes. This name was short lived for in 1988 another sale transpired and her name was changed to PATMOS and she continued sailing inland. Her final name, WINNER was applied in 1995 and she sailed for only 3 years as such. Her owners, Sunflower Shipping Corporation of Liberia, (Unity Shipping [Hellas] S.A.), sold the 26 year old 15,653 tonne vessel to shipbreakers in India early in 1998 she arrived at Alang on April 15th, 1998. There work on dismantling the hull was begun.

Thanks to The World Ship Society's newsletter Marine News

Photo by: Jeff Cameron Copyright © 1988, 1998
Published: August 12, 1998