Argo Ollandia - Greece

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The 1957-built, general cargo ship Argo Ollandia is seen in this photograph as she was lying at anchor possibly at Vancouver, Canada during June of 1974.

In 1956 the British/Greek shipowner A. Lusi ordered a number of beautifully designed tramp ships from a design created by a Dutch yard. Lusi ordered three ships of this series and eventually a total of at least seven were built. The first vessel delivered was named Argo Ollandia (October 1957) the second was Argo Ellas (February 1958) and the third was Argo Chios (July 1958). They were built by N.V. Koninklijke Maatschappij "De Schelde" Scheepswerf en Machinefabriek at Vlissingen, The Netherlands. Argo Ollandia was yard number 291 and she was delivered to owner Shipping Developments Corporation (Greek flag) with manager and beneficiary owner A. Lusi Ltd. of London.

Her tonnages were 10,376 Gross, 6,221 Net with 14,825 Deadweight. Her dimensions were: Length overall: 157.41 meters, Length between perpendiculars: 142.68 meters, beam: 20.07 meters, draught: 9.589 meters, depth: 120.50 meters. Her propulsion consisted of one Sulzer diesel engine of 7,800 bhp (5,819 kW), which suited for a service speed of 16.0 knots.

Her cargo capacity was registered as 22,149 m3 (grain) and 20,045 m3 (bale). Her cargo handling gear included one 30-ton derrick, one 20-ton derrick and twelve 5 ton-derricks. Upon delivery she was engaged in world-wide tramping operations, as she would be throughout her carreer.

In 1968 she was renamed Santa Alexandria (Greek flag) and in 1973 she reverted to Argo Ollandia (Greek flag). In 1975 she was sold as Limnos (Greek flag) to owner Endurance Bay Shipping Co. Ltd. with an unspecified Greek manager. In 1976 she was sold once more as Artemidi IV (Greek flag) to owner and manager Seavalour Maritime Corporation. The status of "manager" is however questionable, since no official sources have ever mentioned Seavalour as a registered manager, but only as a shipowner (and even this is questionable). In 1982 she was sold again as Anna A (Maltese flag) to owner Rainbow Shipping Ltd. with manager Flandermar Shipping Co. S.A. of Greece. Her Gross Tonnage was remeasured to 9,995 Gross.

She arrived at Gadani Beach on 2nd of February 1984 for demolition.

Thanks to Herbert Carmigchelt, The Netherlands for researching the history of this ship
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