Annoula - Greece

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The bulk carrier Annoula is seen in this photograph as she was sailing southbound on Lake Ontario during the morning hours of May 21st, 1972. At the time it was taken she was approaching the Welland Canal entrance at Port Weller, Ontario, Canada and she was about to transit upbound through the canal for ports on the upper Great Lakes. Photograph by Gordon Turner.

Construction of this ship was ordered in December of 1970 at the Ishakawajima Harima Heavy Industries Drydock in Japan. In June of 1971 the nearly completed vessel was launched and in August of that year she set out to begin trading as Annoula. She sailed under the Greek flag as Annoula until December of 1995 when she was sold and renamed (b) Maria Madia. She was given the Maltese flag however by January of 1997 it had changed to that of St. Vincent.

On December 15th, 1998 as she was underway in the Tyrrhenian Sea just north of Sicily flooding of her #4 hold ws reported and shortly thereafter her crew abandoned the ship. A short time later she sank in a position 37.00 N by 13.14 E. No salvage was attempted.

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