African Express - Breskens, Holland

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The 1978/79-built, 15,210-dwt, 9,182-grt, SD-14 class general cargo ship African Express is seen in this photograph while she was entering the port of Hamilton during the afternoon hours of August 31st, 1980. Hamilton is one of Canada's largest inland seaports and it is located at the western end of Lake Ontario - part of the North American Great Lakes system. Photos by Barry Andersen.

She was one of many SD-14 type general cargo ships that were built by Austin & Pickersgill Ltd. in Southwick/Sunderland, England during the 1970s. African Express was launched in December of 1978 and commissioned during April of 1979 for Motorship African Express B.V. (Vroon B.V.). She measured 144 meters x 20.4 meters x 11.7 meters and was powered by a 5-cylinder Sulzer diesel engine that could produce up to 7,500 horsepower. The engine was built by G. Clark & N.E.M. Ltd. at Wallsend and it was capable of pushing the ship along at speeds of up to 15 knots.

She sailed as African Express until October of 1984 when she was sold to the China Overseas Shipping Company (COSCO), Guangzhou, China and renamed An Sai Jiang. After 14 years of service for them she was sold during August of 1998 to the Xiamen Cheng Yi Shipping Company and her name was changed to Yu Jia. When this picture was added to the archives she was still listed as operational under that name in the far east along with a steadily decreasing number of aging SD-14 general cargo ships.

Above information courtesy Lloyds Registers & Marine News (WSS). If you would like to contribute any additional details about the history of this ship please Contact me so the information can be presented here with the picture.

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