Adelaide Star - London, England

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The 1950-built, 14,078-dwt, 12,964-grt, twin screw motorship Adelaide Star is seen in this photograph while she was underway possibly at New Zealand on January 5th, 1971. Photo courtesy Barry Andersen's collection.

She was built in Clydebank, England by John Brown & Company Ltd. for the Blue Star Line, England and she entered service late in 1950 as Adelaide Star. She was powered by two 6-cylinder Doxford diesel engines that were connected to two propeller shafts. They could produce up to 14,700 horsepower and were capable of pushing the ship along at a respectable 16.5 knots. She sailed as Adelaide Star right up to the mid 1970s. On March 8th, 1975 while she was on a voyage from Timaru, New Zealand to Liverpool, England she suffered serious engine trouble which criplled the ship yet again on March 10th. She was able to make it to Liverpool however it is not known whether she arrived there under her own power or under tow.

Upon inspection it was determined that the repairs would have been too extensive and she was subsequently sold by the Blue Star Line for scrapping. On April 25th, 1975 she departed Liverpool possibly under tow on the long voyage around the southern tip of Africa destined for South Korea. She departed Cape Town, South Africa on May 25th and finally arrived at Masan, South Korea on June 12th, 1976. Shortly after her arrival Adelaide Star was run up on the scrapping beach and dismantled for scrap by the Hankook Steel Company. By September of 1975 dismantling of the ship was complete.

Above information courtesy Lloyds Registers & Marine News (WSS). If you would like to contribute any additional details about the history of this ship please Contact me so the information can be presented here with the picture.

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Photo courtesy Barry Andersen (T1, S15) - Copyright © - 1971, 2002

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