WellandCanal.ca - Photographer Credits and email addresses

This is a listing of the email addresses of the photographers who are responsible for
providing the original pictures for the photograph archives.

For questions about this website or to contribute ship pictures and information
Please contact the webmaster Jeff Cameron at jcameron@wellandcanal.ca

Barry Andersen - St. Catharines, Ontario - ncmustangs@hotmail.com
Rene Beauchamp - Montreal, Quebec - rbeauchampmarinephoto@sympatico.ca
Risto Brzoza - Rusko, Finland - risto.brzoza@vahteraarkkitehdit.fi
Jeff Cameron - St. Catharines, Ontario - jcameron@wellandcanal.ca
Douglas Cromby - Berkshire, United Kingdom - douglas_cromby@hp.com
Robert Etchell - British Columbia, Canada - harbourtrains@hotmail.com
Rick Garcia - Surrey, British Columbia - no email address
Bernd Gell - Lubeck, Germany - no email address
Capt. Alain Gindroz - St. Catharines, Canada - canalpilot@hotmail.com
Jim Hoffman - Toledo, Ohio - jimsboats@yahoo.com
Brad Jolliffe - London, Ontario - kathyandbrad@sympatico.ca
Marc Piche - Vercheres, Quebec - marcpiche.photoships@videotron.ca
Selim San - Izmir, Turkey - selimsan@hotmail.com
Malte Schwarz - Germany - malte.vonderuen@t-online.de
Ray Thorsteinson - Photographs courtesy Marc Piche - Memorial to Ray
Gordon Turner - Toronto, Ontario - seafare@wwonline.com
Willem VanMaanen - St. Catharines, Ontario - wvanmaanen@cogeco.ca
Wim Van Noort - Dordrecht, Holland - no email address

The following are the ship historians who present the detailed histories of ships in the archives

Jeff Cameron - St. Catharines, Ontario - jcameron@wellandcanal.ca
Herbert Carmigchelt - The Netherlands - hecarmi@planet.nl
Skip Gillham - Vineland, Ontario - sgillham7@yahoo.com
Gerry Ouderkirk - Toronto, Ontario - captkirk@sympatico.ca
George Wharton - London, Ontario - ggwharton@sympatico.ca

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