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Great Lakes related Webpages

The Duluth Shipping News - Homepage for all shipping activity in Duluth, Minnesota
Paul Beesley's Ship photograph webpage on Canada's east Coast

Famous Mariner's - The online magazine for marine related issues
This site offers a video library, photo galleries, marine stories, professional tips and more

Sailing Schools

Niagara Marine Secretariat - Career training for sailors at Niagara College


The locks of Kiel-Holtenau & the Kiel Fjord - Germany
Areal views of the locks at Kiel-Holtenau - Germany

Personal Webpages - International

Jan van der Klooster's ship photograph website
Find My Old - Designed for Mariners and ex-Mariners from around the world to search our database for their old ships and shipmates
Johnny Van de Velde's photograph website of ships in the Ghent Terneuzen Channal and the River Schelde
Frans Sanderse Ship Photos, Holland
Fatih Takmakli's ship pictures
Gert Van Vooren's ship pictures from the Western Scheldt in Belgium and the Netherlands
Jan van der Klooster Ship website
Sea and Ships - Photographs from Spain
Maik Ebel - Ship Photographs, details, paintings & impressions from Germany
Stephan Giesen's website - Photographs in Holland of all ships
Mike Ridgard's pictures from China in 2000
World Ship Database
   The World Ship Society
Fotoflite - Aereal photography over the English Channel
Tees-Ships Ron Mapplebeck's webpage
Florian Schulze's Ship photograph gallery
The Swiss Merchant Marine By Peter Bichsel
Josef Nuesse's Ship photograph and houseflag webpage
Piet Schipper's webpage
Ship Photographs in Scotland - Andrew Denholm's ship photograph lists and libraries
Shipping in Ireland - Trevor O'Hanlon's photographs from mostly within the southern harbours of Waterford and Belview
Ship Photographs - Don Burgess' ship photographs taken in the vicinity of the Thames Estuary and the Dover Straits
Fco. Javier García Jiménez's shipping website - Photos from Spain
Sea and Ships - Photographs from Spain
Peter's Ship Photographs from Germany
Ship Pictures from Northern Europe
Ship pictures by Leon van Duivendijk from Bruinisse, The Netherlands

Navy and related naval websites

The United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum - Home of the USS Salem CA-139, the world's only preserved heavy cruiser

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