Canadian Tankers of the Great Lakes - Volume 4

This is the final book in the series of 4 dedicated to the history of Canadian Tankers of the Great Lakes.

The book is sub-divided into three major segments. The first section presents a brief outline of the different Canadian shipping companies that owned powered tankers for Great Lakes trading. Companies that only operated tank barges or formerly powered tankers as barges are not included.

The second section provides a history of each of the Canadian tankers not previously covered in the first three volumes in this series - Imperial Oil Tankers of the Great Lakes, Branch Lines and Socanav Tankers of the Great Lakes and Hall Corporation Tankers of the Great Lakes. We have omitted deep-sea tankers that served Canadian oil companies under foreign flags or charters.

In the third section, for reference purposes, there is a comprehensive list of the names of Canadian Great Lakes tankers with a cross reference to their respective stories as recored by this book series. With this section any tanker in any of the four volumes can be researched.

In a conclusion to the series a section is included on the last page which updates information that was presented on tankers in earlier volumes. In the time since the publication of the earlier books sales and name changes have taken place for a number of the featured ships.

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