Shipfacts - The Port of Halifax

A monthly newsletter about ships and shipping from the port of Halifax and beyond. News is broken down by day in each issue and stories are detailed with extensive reference to current and historical information.

If something happens in the port of Halifax, ShipFax will record it. A unique feature of the newsletter is its monthly reflection on corresponding months in history. News items from the past are re-visited and presented in the same daily format as the current news. Book reviews are often included and an extensive section detailing Ship Movements rounds out the phenominal resources presented by ShipFax.

The Ship Movements section includes information on Autoport arrivals/departures, ships in for bunkers, heavy or unusual cargoes, arrivals and departures of coastal tankers, container ship visits, fishing vessels in port, visits to the gypsum dock, vessels in layup, decommissioned naval and Canadian Coast Guard ships, movements of offshore supply ships, outports, Halifax Shipyards news, tankers calling at Halifax docks, tugs in port. Finally, detailed information is presented on the activities of Canada's naval and Coast Guard vessels.

Subscriptions to ShipFax are currently available by contacting
Ship Central Eastern Information Systems - c/o M.B. MacKay
P.O. Box 3471-South, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3J 3J1
Telephone : (902) 422-5481 - Fax (902) 429-7566
Subscriptions can now be initiated by EMAIL also

Annual subscriptions are $25.00 (Canadian) or $18.00 (US funds)
These prices include postage and packaging

Cheques and Money Orders can be made out to M.B. MacKay