Branch Lines and Socanav Tankers of the Great Lakes

This is the second of four publications covering the Canadian Tankers of the Great Lakes. Ships selected for this book were powered tankers of the Great Lakes fleet of both the Branch Lines and it's sucessor Socanav Inc. It does not include tugs, barges, chartered or operated tonnage or members of the fleet that did not visit the Great Lakes

Branch Lines and Socanav Tankers of the Great Lakes was preceeded in 2000 by the popular publication Imperial Oil Tankers of the Great Lakes. This book however is unique in that it is being offered in two versions, English and French.

This new book explores the sailing careers of each vessel that sailed the inland seas under the banners of these two companies. It covers a period of over 60 years as Branch Lines developed its interests on the Great Lakes and eventually paved the way for the creation of Socanav Ltd.

In all 25 ships are detailed with 75 superb black & white photographs included to illustrate their histories. Each feature story takes the reader from each vessel's construction through it's career and eventual disposition.

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